Sanjay understands the importance of Consent and Mindful Touch and he uses such tools excellently in his yoni massages, tantra massages and sexual activation sessions.

Consent and Mindful Touch Workshops

Experience what it means to give and receive conscious mindful touch and how your intention and attention affects the quality of touch you give. Work with your energy body to feel energy, recognise when your sending energy to another and how it feels to receive energy. This workshop includes and introduction to Dr Betty Martin 'Wheel of Consent (®)'.

  • Improve your relationships

  • Give and receive more pleasure!

  • Gain confidence asking for what you want and receiving it

  • Improve connection to your body & feel more sensation

  • Learn nuances of the Wheel of Consent to ensure you're always within it

  • Inject more fun and juice into long-term relationships

  • Express your desire and boundaries

What people have said about the workshops:

"Everybody should know these concepts as they are applicable in so many situations, not only in the bedroom."

"I got more confidence asking for what I want and what the other person likes or doesn't like"

"The workshop was an ideal combination of theory & practice. It really brought the Wheel Of Consent to life and helped me to experience the quadrants I'm less familiar with"

"Enjoyable, entertaining and insightful"