Level 1:

London, UK
16th & 17th February 2019

Taking the Sexual Path to Awakening is for those who see their sexuality linked to their spirituality.

  • Learn hands-on skills to improve the quality of your touch

  • Learn how to receive touch and deal with your blockages so you can feel more sensations/pleasure

  • Raise your life energy (kundalini/life-force) through your system and feel yourself awakening

  • Are you propping up your self-esteem through your sex running the show? If so, we can move beyond  that into ecstasy.

  • Learn and explore Mastery and Surrender archetypes

Please read the handouts displayed on the link to see of this 3 level curriculum resonates with you.
(I’m an the organiser of this workshop. The teacher is OM Rupani, for more details click on the button below).



23rd February 2019
A one day workshop in London

A FULL DAY workshop where you'll explore consent and what it means to give and receive mindful, conscious touch. The workshop is for couples and singles.

  • Improve your personal relationships

  • Give and receive more pleasure

  • Improve your connection and relationship to your body

  • Explore how to feel and experience more sensational touch

Sanjay teaches couples how to have amazing sex and give each great orgasms through yoni, lingham and tantra massage

Elements of Tantra

Discover Elements of Tantra through this series of evening introductory workshops. We look at the vast, mysterious and fascinating Elements of Tantra and applying them to modern life. These workshops will run approximately every 6 weeks throughout 2019 and we will cover a different topic in each workshop. Join us for a single workshop, several or the whole series!

3 Levels of Connection, London, Tuesday 5th March

On this opening event of the workshop series, we will use elements of tantra to explore deeper connection to ourselves, to others and to something greater than all of us.

  • Do you seek deeper levels of connection?

  • Do you long to know yourself and others beyond the mere surface?

  • How might it be to gaze into another's soul?

  • How might it feel to be truly seen by another?

  • Feel integrated and have a deep sense of who you are?

These are just some of the elements of connection we will explore on this delicious introduction evening workshop.


Topics we will examine in future workshops include:

What is Tantra? Movement Boundaries and Consent

Connection Emotional Responsibility Tantra Meets BDSM

Energy Expasion of your senses Tantric Sexuality

Conscious Relating Desire and Fear Money

Sanjay is teaching Tantra classes, which includes Tantra and Yoni Massage.