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Consent, Touch and Heartfelt Connections

  • The London School of Capoeira 1-2 Leeds Place London, N4 3RF United Kingdom (map)

Consent, Touch & Heart-Felt Connections : A full day exploring the delicious world of touch and energy exchange! 

A beautiful, deep, connective and informative journey into consent, touch & heartfelt connections ♥

Facilitated by Sanjay Joshi & Natalie Ford (as featured in Time Out).


➤ Become a better partner, lover & communicator

➤ Improve your relationships

➤ Practise healthy conversations around desires and boundaries

➤ Get out of your head and into your body

➤ Open your heart

➤ Reconnect to yourself

➤ Feel your energy field/body, send and receive energy

➤ Feel relaxed and expanded

➤ Create more trust in your relating

➤ Experience the power of asking for what you really want and receiving it

➤ Learn games to inject more juice and intimacy into your relationships


Having our needs and desires met is a healthy and necessary part of the human experience - yet so many of us are afraid to ask for what we really want and/or put up with experiences we aren't fully in consent with. Gain the language, skills and confidence to change that.


Enjoy the facilitation of a team that consistently receives 9+/10 feedback rating, as you explore Dr Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent® and journey into a deeper connection with yourself and others through some gentle clothes-on tantra exercises.


Slow down, relax and allow the frosty barriers from the big city's fast pace melt away as you discover how to stay in consent with yourself and others, and experience the trust, safety and emotional intimacy that creates, knowing your boundaries will be respected and upheld at all times.


The Art of Consent & Mindful Touch


This workshop is for people who want to:


★ Experience deeper connections and more conscious relationships

★ Be more present and feel more sensation

★ Make sense of the Wheel of Consent® by Dr Betty Martin

★ Learn a common language of consent so you and your partner are on the same page

★ Learn to ask for adjustments so you receive touch exactly how you want it

★ Recognise when you are tolerating, enduring or caught up in obligation

★ Gain greater self-awareness and deeper self-acceptance

★ Deepen trust between you and your partner

★ Discover more about the types of touch you like and that turn you on

★ Feel confident that the touch you give is really what your partner wants

★ Recognise signs that someone might be out of consent and how to change that

★ Learn to reframe how you receive rejection so it hurts less

★ Fulfil both your body and your mind

★ Leave feeling relaxed, fulfilled and energised


Earlier Event: September 14
The Tantra Speed Date
Later Event: October 4