Why not have a session with a female tantra practitioner?

Firstly, there are benefits to having a session with a female, as that can aid sensuality and intimacy. Dependent on a client’s history I may recommend that they initially have a session with a female practitioner (I can also recommend female Tantra Masseuses).

Nevertheless, in the long term if the client is a heterosexual woman and she wants to improve her relationships with men, then having a session with a heterosexual man can be a greater catalyst for improving this dynamic.

For example, one of my clients had her boundaries violated regularly by her previous male partner. During our sessions, we focused on her communicating her no and I honouring it. As a result, she now feels that she has re-established her boundaries and that she is heard in her relationships. She believes that such an experience wouldn't have occurred as quickly with a woman practitioner.

Furthermore, sessions utilise sexual energy being generated and expanded, and if the client is heterosexual than such a connection is more likely to occur with a man (assuming he is also heterosexual).

A person's body is not a machine, with certain buttons being pressed to generate a response, rather the practitioner is a catalyst for channeling sexual energy; moving such energy into different regions of the client's body can provide a huge amount of healing and expansion.

Rather than the gender of the masseur/masseuse being important, the paramount question is 'does the person giving the massage have a clean, clear, feel to them?', as that's how the energy moves through without attachment.

Nevertheless, working with a few female practitioners for a few times before then working with a man can work wonders as you'll understand the context of a session and what the protocols are. You'll also be experienced in expressing your boundaries and desires.

If you do choose to have sessions with a man, then a please ensure you ask the following questions. What are your boundaries? Are they agreed before we start the session and do you ensure you don't change them during the session? Boundaries should never change during a session, no matter how pleasurable for the experience is for the practitioner or the receiver.

Other questions to ask include do you engage in kissing or oral sex during the session?  Do you remain clothed during the session? Do you ever date your clients? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then I would avoid that Tantra masseur.