Naomi, 38, Entrepreneur and Coach, London, 

"I went to see Sanjay whilst I was having a very difficult and emotionally upsetting time with my partner. I was then impressed by how present and attentive Sanjay is. His caring manner put me totally at ease.

I wanted to heal my relationship with men and he listened and reflected back to me all the significant past situations. I found the session incredibly pleasurable and beautiful. I actually released amrita (AKA I squirted!) which felt like a deep release inside me and I felt emotionally much lighter afterwards.

That evening my partner and I had sex and climaxed at the same time for the first time in 2 years. Afterwards, we both cried and he very rarely cries so it was a major breakthrough for him too. Another added and unexpected benefit was that I slept like a baby!".

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Sanjay Joshi

Irene, 30, Business Owner, New York,

"Sanjay is a masterful tantra coach. His presence and ability to make women feel safe is what drew me to him. In my tantra and sacred spot activation session, we set an intention to tune into my sensations and not rush for an outcome.

Sanjay met me skillfully, holding space for my blissful energy to unfold, and the result was incredible. I felt more pleasure in my body, I feel powerful, energized and radiant. I highly recommend Sanjay as a powerful and skilful tantra coach." 

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Sanjay Joshi

Samantha, 49, Massage Therapist, San Francisco

"Sanjay crafted a beautiful tantric bodywork session for me. I feel, seen, heard and loved in his grounded presence. His depth of knowledge of sacred sexual practices left me feeling at ease. In just one session I was able to regain sensation and feel pleasure in areas cancer surgery had rendered numb."

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Sanjay Joshi

Soriya, 34, Certified Tantric Educator, Los Angeles

"Sanjay has a calm presence that immediately put me at ease. He’s easy to talk to, a great listener and connects with you before your session. His empathetic nature and professionalism help create a container for healing and bliss.

My intention with him was to relax and feel pleasure and he did exactly that. Sanjay has a very warm and comforting touch. I enjoyed his angelic presence and feel very nurtured. I was very pleased as I enjoyed every minute of our time together."

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Sanjay Joshi

YN, 36, Consultant, London

" My Tantra and sacred spot session with Sanjay was beautiful. At the beginning of the session, we set our intention on specific issues that I wanted to work on. I felt safe and clear about what was about to occur.

The session itself was a deep experience of letting go. Sanjay's touch was very responsive to my body, which allowed me to open up at my own pace with no rush, well-held experience.

We went as deep as we needed to go and when I felt I expressed when I was satisfied we stopped. Sanjay was absolutely wonderful in holding me afterwards, encouraging me to let out whatever needs to come out.

I am very grateful for this experience and for Sanjay's professional, clear, warm and loving care of me.

Highly recommended!"

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Sanjay Joshi

Ranelle, 36, Jewellery Designer, Bali

"I coached with Sanjay. He doesn't judge and gives you space to see your thoughts and feelings. It's one of the best things you can do for yourself. I've gained so much insight about myself, and what I want."

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Sanjay Joshi

Rachel, 49, Business Design, Sussex

"I was in a 'Watershed' of a weekend as I was having lots of tears and my frustration was high when I received a Tantric massage/sacred spot activation from Sanjay. Choosing to allow myself to receive a bodywork session based on pleasure rather than 'processing' my 'stuff' had unexpected results: I softened into myself, and I realized I was scared to feel the raw intensity of emotion and feelings that were flowing through me, which made me aware of just how much energy I was having to employ to keep these feelings under control.

I was afraid to be seen; I learned that my tears are precious and I truly felt and received just how big my own heart is and how much it's holding. I laughed, cried and felt shy and supported to feel the whole range and gamut of feelings in all their glorious intensity.

If you are a woman who is driven, has high standards and is always busy then I invite you to gift yourself a Tantric Massage. Sanjay offers a safe, fun, playful and sacred space to feel ALL of you; to drop down into the layers and waves moving under the surface and discover you...Your juicy pleasure and your grief and the whole range in between.

After the massage I felt truly quiet within, my body aglow with all these soft, tingly, buzzy sensations from head to toe - I felt connected to my core, on the inside - I was conscious of a vertical channel from my womb to my heart and throat and up through my crown. I find that even 2-3 weeks later I am more conscious of the 'heart-womb river - the river that flows two ways at the core of my physical being.

In a culture that conditions us to think that we only deserve pleasure if we've 'earned' it, choosing to gift yourself a Tantric Massage is a radical, if not revolutionary act of self-love. I found this gift that I both emptied through tears and filled up, breathing in pleasurable sensations and being seen and witnessed in a space of total allowance for who I was at the moment.

Oh and if you don't yet know Sanjay, is also a brilliant coach, asking great questions which lead to greater awareness of hidden motivations and your inner reality as it is now."

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Sanjay Joshi